Business in Balance with Nature: A Podcast

You’re listening to Business in Balance with Nature: A Podcast.

This podcast is brought to you by Business Lolland-Falster, an organization in the Kingdom of Denmark that is tasked in promoting awareness and growth in a rural region while maintaining its agrarian legacy.

A region that is experiencing a high conjuncture, thanks to its strategic location and Europe’s largest infrastructure project, The Femarhn Belt Tunnel, connecting Denmark and Germany.

These are the stories of how BLF brings life to their vision of bringing business in balance with nature.
My name is Chris and I’m your host. Listen in!

The podcast series ‘Business in Balance with Nature‘ is a collaboration between Business Lolland-Falster, Growth Train and Medieguru.
Hosted by: Christiane Paaske-Sørensen, Business Developer

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